French Polynesia

French Polynesia is an overseas collectivity of France, located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is made up of 118 islands, divided into five archipelagos: the Society Islands, the Tuamotu Archipelago, the Gambier Islands, the Marquesas Islands, and the Austral Islands. The official languages are French and Tahitian, and the currency is the French Pacific franc. The population of French Polynesia is around 270,000 people.

French Polynesia's economy is based mainly on tourism, which is the main source of revenue, and on fishing, which is the main source of food. Agriculture and small-scale industry also contribute to the economy, with the production of vanilla, coconut, and pearls.

French Polynesia is heavily dependent on French financial aid, which represents more than 60% of the budget, and because of this, the French government has significant control over the territory's economy and politics. French Polynesia has a relatively high standard of living compared to other Pacific island nations, but the economy is not very diversified, and the country is facing economic challenges, such as a high unemployment rate, a lack of infrastructure and a high cost of living.

French Polynesia is an overseas collectivity of France, so it is subject to French law, and its residents are French citizens. The country has representation in the French National Assembly and Senate, but it does not have representation in the European Parliament. The region is also part of the European Union, which means that it is subject to EU rules and regulations. French Polynesia has a high degree of autonomy, but the French government has significant control over the territory's economy and politics.... Show more

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