Belarus is a country located in Eastern Europe, bordered by Russia to the east, Latvia and Lithuania to the north, Poland to the west, and Ukraine to the south. The capital and largest city is Minsk. The official language is Belarusian, and the currency is the Belarusian ruble. The population is around 9.5 million.

Belarus has a temperate continental climate and its economy is largely based on agriculture and manufacturing, particularly in the areas of machinery, textiles, and food processing. The country also has a significant IT industry.

Belarus is a presidential republic, with the president as both the head of state and government. The country has been led by President Alexander Lukashenko since 1994, and the government is known for its authoritarian and centralized nature.

Belarus has a rich history and culture, with a mix of Slavic, Russian, and Eastern European influences. The country is home to many historic sites, including the medieval Old Town of Grodno and the 16th-century Mir Castle. Belarus is also known for its traditional folk crafts, such as pottery, weaving, and woodcarving, and its folk music, which is closely related to the traditional music of other Eastern Slavic cultures.

The country has a diverse landscape, with flatlands, forests, and wetlands. The Belavezha Forest, a UNESCO biosphere reserve, is one of the most popular tourist destination. There are also many lakes and rivers in the country, making it a popular destination for fishing and water sports.

In recent years, Belarus has faced international pressure and criticism for its lack of political freedoms and human rights abuses. This has led to sanctions and a strained relationship with the West.... Show more

Total Area 80,153 mi²
Population 2,147,483,647
GDP $9,491,800
Ease of Doing Business Rank 0
Cost of Living Index

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