Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a twin-island country located in the Caribbean Sea. The country is made up of two main islands, Antigua and Barbuda, as well as several smaller islands. The capital and largest city is St. John's, located on Antigua. The population of Antigua and Barbuda is around 100,000 people, and the official language is English. The culture of the country is a blend of African, European, and indigenous influences.

The economy of Antigua and Barbuda is primarily based on tourism, which accounts for a large portion of the country's GDP. The country is known for its beautiful beaches, clear waters, and historic sites. The government and the private sector also invest in the development of other sectors such as construction, finance, and international business services.

Politically, Antigua and Barbuda is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, with the British monarch as the ceremonial head of state and a Governor-General as the representative of the monarch. The head of government is the Prime Minister, who is appointed by the Governor-General and is the leader of the party with the majority of seats in the House of Representatives. The country has a bicameral legislature, made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Antigua and Barbuda is also known for its diverse wildlife, which includes many species of birds, reptiles, and marine life. The island of Barbuda is a sanctuary for the endangered frigate bird and is home to one of the largest colonies of these birds in the Caribbean. The country also has a rich history, with many historic sites, such as Nelson's Dockyard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the remains of a British naval base from the 18th and 19th centuries.... Show more

Total Area 171 mi²
Population 1,180,000,000
GDP $101,000
Ease of Doing Business Rank 113
Cost of Living Index

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